Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Its July 30th. Are you staying Cool, Calm, and Composed?

Feeling inspired by the hot summer air, that stifling, humid, Rhode Island thick summer humid air, I'm surprised I was feeling artistic at all. To tell the truth I am secretly looking forward to fall. I do hope we have an indian summer though. On the wall are some projects I have done for school, part of an exhibition design on the left, and a poster series in the center. On the right are some of my paintings. They were old acrylic paintings that I made 3 years ago. About three months ago I spray painted them black. Sometimes you just need to do that.  

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sometimes less is more, and sometimes less is boring.

These pics were taken May 26, 2010, just when summer began. It started to get hot, but if I had known how hot it really was going to be I would have invested in either an industrial fan or industrial air conditioner. I have not been able to use my studio much this summer because of the unbearable heat. I also found out there is a potter's studio right below me and wonder if there are kilns down there that contribute to the intense heat.

I found the black chaise lounge at Salvation Army for 99 bucks. I always wanted a chaise lounge, but honestly, they are overrated.