Friday, September 17, 2010

So many great ideas in my head swirling all around, but only one at a time, please.

Today was a good day. I showed up at my friend's art exhibit, and he is looking to rent some shared studio space. A perfect collaboration! We had talked about this before, because we both inspire each other a lot, and in different ways. And my space is huge! well, 725 square feet if the lease is correct. I have wanted to do something like this because I really feel the need to be around other artists.

On a side note, I can be very generous with my friends with not just materials, but with my free time, and energy. I definitely need to be investing my time, money and energy into funding a lifestyle that is cohesive and simpatico with my own at this moment.


  1. Don't know if this is related but I thought this might help get your ideas out! Yeah, and they would be able to swirl around this world like good ideas ought to.